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Exceptional Hospitality

With a highly qualified team of doctors and trained support staff, we aim to offer the most compassionate and homely experience. We will guide you at your own pace and offer each solution with complete transparency. And your safety, confidentiality, and interest are always our top priority.

Advanced Treatment Approach

We strive to offer world-class services by utilizing internationally manufactured tools and globally acclaimed infertility treatments. IVF success is all about accuracy, and our modernized infrastructure helps us achieve the highest success rates for unique infertility problems.

Complete Women Care

We are fully equipped to help a woman at every stage of her motherhood journey. Right from planning a child, to treating the obstacles in conceiving, to delivering the child, you will always be in safe and experienced hands. At Oma, we try our best to make you feel at home.

Fertility Clinic in Mumbai

From Conception To Delivery;
Offering Complete Women Care

Internationally Designed Modern Equipment

Advanced ICU, Operating Room & Patient Wards

Qualified & Compassionate Support Staff

Specializing in IVF treatments, our hallmark is the personalized care we provide for all infertility services in a warm and caring environment. At Oma Fertility, patient care is tailored to the individual, and much importance is given to safety and cleanliness, dignity, and privacy. With our highly specialized and experienced team of…

The Ones Who Make It Happen…

Dr. Tanuja Uchil

Dr. Tanuja Uchil is working at Oma Hospital as a full-time consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology since November 2002. Apart from routine Obstetric and Gynaecological work, she has special expertise in Infertility, Cosmetic and Regenerative Gynaecology. Apart from routine obstetric and gynecological work, Dr. Tanuja Uchil has special expertise and interest in high-risk pregnancy and has managed high risk, difficult and complicated cases competently with her excellent clinical acumen and surgical skills. After completing her MBBS, from the prestigious Seth G S Medical College & KEM Hospital in 1997, she joined the Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital as a resident medical officer specializing in obstetrics and ollege & KEM Hospital, University of Mumbai.

Dr Sayali Kandari

Dr Sayali Kandari is a Scientist & a Research scholar in the field of Fertility & Reproductive Biology; she has been a super achiever throughout her academic life, receiving various scholarships, awards & accolades.

Dr. Manmohan Madan

Dr. Manmohan Madan is a Radiologist and Ultrasonologist with an experience of over 40 years in these fields. He completed MD -

Mrs Aditi Shirsat

Mrs.Aditi Shirsat has completed her Master's Degree in Biotechnology from Mumbai University in 2010.

IVF Success & Costs

We know that the success rate and cost of IVF is possibly the most important deciding factor when looking for a fertility clinic. And at Oma Fertility, we strive to help our patients achieve parenthood world-class fertility treatments considering their financial abilities. But understanding the real cost and success rate of IVF is not as simple as just comparing the clinics based on their numbers.
IVF is a process that may or may not require additional treatments and techniques based on your infertility diagnosis. Hence, there are three primary factors that will decide how much IVF will cost you and how successful it would be.

Your Age

IVF success rates are known to decline as the female partner grows older. Chances of success are highest between the ages of 24 years to 34 years. As for the male partner, the sperm motility and morphology starts to reduce around age 40 to 45 years.

Your Cause
Of Infertility

Certain conditions such as fibroid tumors, uterine abnormalities, the presence of male and female infertility factors, and ovarian dysfunction can make success with IVF less likely but not impossible.

Quality Of
Your Gametes

Male factor infertility can affect embryos, which involves poor sperm count, motility, morphology. Among other factors. In females, having low egg count, tubal disorder, and many such factors can prevent successful IVF cycles.

Completed Families

Every time you visit the doctor you feel more confident, as she is very clear with the technical factors as a doctor...
Kirti Rao
Doctor Tanuja is a great doctor and moreover an extremely great human being. Very positive....
Dimple Patel
I had met many doctors before this meeting. I have to say that I was so happy to meet dr Tanuja in spite of knowing that I may be having minimal chances. She's so down-to-earth and sweet. In short, I wish I had met her earlier. She tries all the ways to make sure you are important to her whatever the case may be. Love you Doc God bless you...
Dr. Tanuja is one of the most professional and veteran gynecologists I have met. Before I could meet her, I tried many doctors but they only jumped to conclusions. She's a great listener, supports diagnosis after reviewing medical history, and is genuinely concerned about her patient’s well-being. She is always positive in her attitude and inspires hope in patients with her smile which gives me confidence. She approaches the treatment holistically and I am under her treatment for over 1.5...
I am really happy with the doctor, as she is very friendly and very quick in decisions from day one. She is dynamic and .....
Sonali Hande
Experience talks... Sir is senior radiologist , yet so humble and sweet. Oma hospital means excellence ! The best of best ar

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Did Your Previous IVF
Cycles Fail?

Don’t lose hope. Several factors can contribute to recurrent IVF or IUI failures. A detailed investigation by fertility specialists can give valuable insight regarding the causes of failure. Hence, we can help you get it right the next time thanks to our advanced diagnostic technology and vastly experienced panel. At least meet our experts once to know if you still have a chance.