Blastocyst Culture

What Is Blastocyst Culture?

Blastocyst culture is a simple and quick way to determine the viability of embryos. Blastocyst culture is the practice of nurturing embryos outside the body. They are typically created when the embryos obtained from in-vitro fertilization are nurtured for 5 days. The blastocysts are then cultured in the lab until they begin to develop into cells that can be used for research or treatment. The main purpose of blastocyst culture is to determine if the embryo is of good quality and whether it has developed normally.

What are the advantages of Blastocyst Culture?

Blastocyst Culture in Mumbai has the following advantages:

  • Transferring embryos at the blastocyst stage provides better coordination between the embryo and the uterus by providing the embryo with the right positioning and the right time
  • It can produce stem cells that can be used to create a variety of tissues, such as heart and bone tissue.
  • It reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies.

Who is suitable for Blastocyst Culture?

Blastocyst Culture in Mumbai is recommended if:

  • You have a good chance of developing one or more healthy blastocysts
  • Your previous IVF treatment failed despite the embryo replacement on the second or third day
  • If you are considering a frozen embryo transfer cycle

Why is Blastocyst Culture practiced?

  • It improves the IVF outcomes by ensuring that embryologists get a longer period to observe the embryos  
  • It helps in selecting the embryos that have comparatively higher potential to form pregnancy
  • It ensures that the stem cells are not contaminated with potentially hazardous DNA from the embryo, leading to health risks for the baby or mother.
  • It is used to test for genetic abnormalities or mutations in embryos.

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