Egg Freezing

What Is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation is a method to store a woman’s eggs and use them to get pregnant in the future.

In the process, the woman is given hormone stimulating medications for stimulating ovaries to produce more viable eggs. Once the eggs mature, the eggs are harvested from ovaries are frozen, unfertilized in a cryoprotectant(a biological substance preserving medium), and stored safely for future use. Later, the frozen eggs can be thawed and utilized in the IVF process for reproduction.

Who Can Be A Candidate For Egg Donation In Mumbai

You can choose egg freezing in Mumbai in consultation with our endocrinologist if you suffer the following conditions:

  • Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome in which the cysts obstruct eggs production
  •  Non-responsiveness to fertility medications
  •  Male infertility
  •  Unexplained infertility
  •  Increasing pregnancy chances by attempting with both fresh and frozen eggs
  • Preserving eggs for later baby planning

Cost of egg freezing in Mumbai

The eggs freezing cost may vary from yearly charges to one-time payments from ₹50,000 to ₹1, 50,000. However, other factors too may play a role in determining egg cryopreservation cost. The factors include:

  • Woman’s age
  • The period of preservation/vitrification
  • Eggs quality
  • Number of viable egg preservation per candidate
  • Clinical and laboratory charges

The procedure of Egg Freezing

The egg freezing procedure is as follows:

  • The woman is given ovary stimulating medications to produce a greater number of eggs.
  • She is monitored with frequent ultrasounds.
  • Once the egg matures, the eggs are carefully harvested by the specialist or endocrinologist.
  • The harvested eggs are checked for viability and then preserved in a cryoprotectant at very low temperatures. The cryoprotectant is a liquid substance that does not solidify at very low temperatures and thus preserves the biological substances in very low temperatures.
  • Finally, when the eggs are required for the IVF process, the eggs are thawed and used in IVF.

What are the chances of pregnancy from egg freezing?

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Why choose OMA to preserve your eggs?

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