PESA Fertility Treatment in Mumbai


PESA or Percutaneous Sperm Extraction Aspiration is a non-surgical procedure for sperm extraction through the epididymis. The sperm is retrieved through needle biopsy by inserting it in the epididymis, and the obtained aspirate is used in IVF or ICSI for assistive reproduction. This method is helpful for men with obstructive azoospermia developed due to infection or prior vasectomy.

TESA and PESA are very much similar to each other, with minor differences. For example, in PESA, the small injection is inserted in the epididymis, while in TESA, it is injected in testes for retrieving aspirate.

To Whom Is PESA Fertility Treatment Recommended?

It is recommended to men suffering from:


This is a condition when the ejaculate does not contain sperm due to blockage in the passage of sperm flow. However, the conditions can be treated with both PESA and TESA, depending on the severity of the condition.

Testicular failure

Due to Y chromosome abnormality, a man may face testicular failure. This abnormality reduces testicles’ ability to produce and store enough sperm to transfer to a womb.


In this case, testicular cysts in the epididymis may block the passage of sperm flow. The PESA treatment will help in external sperm retrieval.

Procedure Of PESA Treatment


The anesthesia is injected into the scrotum to numb the area.


The area is disinfected and tested for vas-deferens in the epididymis for sperm extraction.


Once located, a very thin injection is inserted in the epididymis, and the seminal fluid is plunged out for aspiration in the needle.

Inspection of Motile Sperms

The doctors take a small sample of seminal fluid and check it for healthy and motile sperms. If enough sperms cells are not present, the PESA procedure is repeated until the required quality and quantity of sperm is extracted.

Why Choose Oma Fertility For PESA Fertility Treatment?

PESA is extremely helpful to men suffering from the above-discussed problems, and with the procedure, the men can father their child. Moreover, it is non-invasive hence does not need proper resting to recover. Infact, men can get back to work on the same day of the procedure, with minimal discomfort.

PESA fertility treatment is very popular these days, and men are benefiting from this. The treatment is recommended as part of IVF, ICSI treatment. We are constantly working towards our patient’s interests are trying to bring the best treatments with affordable plans. To know more about the PESA procedure cost, you can connect with our experts.

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