Six steps of IUI Procedure

IUI is a form of artificial insemination of sperm. IUI treatment in Mumbai helps the sperm cells get
closer to the egg by putting them directly into the uterus during the woman is ovulating. It reduces the
distance and time sperm take to swim and travel to the fallopian tube to fertilize with eggs, thus
improving the chance of fertilization.

The following are the steps of the IUI procedure:
● Suggestions from IUI specialist
You should speak with an obstetrician IUI specialist before deciding if you want to proceed with the
procedure. They will guide the procedure and teach you potential risks and healthier nutrition options.
For example, you will be taught to stay healthy, plan a menu, and avoid drinking or smoking. It can help
prepare you for a healthy pregnancy even when the current procedure is unsuccessful. In addition,
blood tests may indicate infertility causes so that a customized treatment can be tailored to work best
for your specific situation.

● Egg growth stimulation
Injectable medicines or oral medications are administered in females to stimulate the ovaries and
produce a greater number of matured eggs for retrieval. While oral medications are taken over five
days, injections are taken for three to twelve days. Different simulation methods are chosen according
to ovarian response.

● Monitoring blood tests and ultrasound
Doctors recommend an ultrasound at 2-3 days intervals when undergoing injectable medications. It
helps to monitor the developing eggs and the ovaries. While blood tests are sometimes recommended
to determine hormone levels related to ovarian function and egg growth, they are also helpful in
determining what’s going on with your body so it can be moderated safely.

● Insemination
The patient lies on the table like a routine exam of the pelvic muscles. Then healthy and motile sperm
cells are injected directly into the uterus with the help of a flexible catheter. This procedure is painless
and less time-consuming. Getting up from the table does not change the chance of pregnancy.
Sometimes insemination is recommended in two consecutive days. But most of the time, single
insemination can be enough.

● Follow-up
Ovulation testing and progesterone levels are checked after one week. In addition, hormonal support is
also provided to some patients. The ovarian lining is prepared this way for pregnancy. For women who
have multiple miscarriages, this could be used for extra support along with hormone pills over a few

● Pregnancy test
The pregnancy test is the last step of the procedure to confirm pregnancy. It is generally conducted 14
days after insemination. The pregnancy test is a breathtaking moment for couples; IVF experts advise
staying hopeful and strong for both possibilities, i.e., success or failure of the procedure if the IVF expert
recommends you to try again.

IUI in Mumbai is a boon for patients who want to experience parenthood and have kids but cannot get
pregnant naturally. OMA IVF is a professional organization, and we have successfully handled 1000+
cases, so if you are interested in getting consultation and procedures done, book an appointment right away.

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