Sperm Donor

What is Sperm Donation?

Sperm donation is a process by which a man (sperm donor) donates his sperm to an individual or a couple to help them conceive a baby.

Donated sperm is used in IUI or IVF process. In IUI, the viable sperms are tested, biopsied, and then inserted/injected in the woman’s uterus via cervix through a catheter during ovulation. Whereas, in IVF, either fresh or frozen sperms are used to fertilize mature eggs in a lab in the process of in vitro fertilization.

A man can donate sperm to a sperm donation bank or individual IVF sperm donation centers. Our sperm donation center in Mumbai chooses whether information about the donor will be revealed (partially, completely) or kept anonymous to the recipient with the mutual consent of the donation bank and donor. However, the basic details are retracted from the donor by the donor bank for future use.

Who can become a sperm donor?

Men who want to become sperm donors must undergo certain tests and fulfill the following criteria including:

  • Age- Typically, the sperm donate center in Mumbai sets an age limit of 18 and 39 for obtaining sperm.
  • Physical exam– The donor must undergo blood and urine to test for infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, and syphilis. However, If you choose to become a regular sperm donor, you will have bi-annual screening tests.
  • Semen testing- You’ll need to provide some semen samples to qualify semen analysis test to become a \sperm donor. The samples will be tested for quality that includes sperm quantity, quantity, and motility. The donor will be instructed to abstain from ejaculation 48-72 hours before sample collection for receiving high-quality, quantity semen.
  • Genetic testing- A blood sample will be tested carefully for any prevailing medical condition that may threaten the fetus or the child in later stages. Infact, this is one of the major merits of using donor sperms because the sperms are screened and eliminated if found with genetic issues.
  • Family medical history-The lab will demand a family’s medical history for at least two generations to consider sperm donor candidates eligible for the process.
  • Psychological evaluation-The sperms donor is counseled and evaluated physically, psychologically fit before sperm donation.

Who can seek sperm donation services?

Male partners with severe infertility issues or untreatable STD

Male partners who have severe infertility issues- azoospermia, such that their ejaculate does not contain sperms or do not contain healthy, motile sperms, or they suffer untreatable STD- Sexually Transferred Infections are advised to use sperms donation services to get pregnant, either through IUI or IVF.

Male partners having infertility issues do not want to undergo the TESE process.

Male partners with resolvable infertility issues are recommended to undergo the TESE(Testicular sperm extraction) process. But some may be uncomfortable undergoing the process. Such male partners can choose donor sperms for falling pregnant.

Male partners with some genetic disorder

If male partners have a serious genetic disorder, they may produce their children with donor sperms.

Single mothers

Some single women who wish to see their offspring may fall pregnant with donor sperms.

Lesbian couples

Naturally, lesbian couples can’t have kids. However, the couple may choose to fall pregnant with donor sperms.

An infertile couple who want a child through surrogacy

An infertile couple may choose donor sperms for reproducing their babies. Or, if the female partner’s uterus is fragile to carry the baby, they can try the baby through donor sperm and surrogacy.

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