Sperm freezing

What Is Sperm Freezing?

The process of collecting, analyzing, and storing man’s sperm in a cryogenic atmosphere so that it can be retrieved, thawed, and used later is called ” sperm freezing” or “cryopreservation.”

The sperms are tested, and viable sperms are stored in a special liquid called cryoprotectant “anti-freeze medium”一stored at very low temperatures in labs. The cryoprotectant is a liquid that can stand very low temperatures without solidifying and thus is ideal for cryopreserving biological substances such as sperms, ovum, or embryos.

Why is sperm freezing chosen?

The couples may choose sperm freezing for the following reasons:

  • Advancing age while focussing on career and personal space
  • Deteriorating sperm quality in a sample
  • Cancer treatment may alter sperm quality after treatment
  • Planning vasectomy in future
  • High-risk jobs such as working in the radioactive plant or army

Cost of sperm freezing In Mumbai

The cost of sperm freezing may vary from city to city and one fertility center to another; however, the following factors affect the sperm freezing cost.

  • Location
  • Center 
  • Duration of sperm preservation

What is the process of cryopreservation?

The process involves the following steps:

STEP 1– The first step is sperm collection or retrieval. The sperm sample is taken through a natural process( ejaculation) or surgical retrieval called sperm testicular aspiration(TESA).

STEP 2– Next, the semen sample is tested for viable quantity and quality of reproductive sperms in the sample.

STEP 3- Then, the sperms are mixed into cryoprotectant, separated in vials, and stored for future use.

STEP 4– Next, when the sample is demanded, it is retrieved, thawed, tested, and used for fertility treatments.

The sperms can be cryopreserved for a decade, so they can be used for fertility treatments for a long time.

Are there any pitfalls or risks involved in the sperm freezing process?

Natural sperm donation ( through ejaculation) is 100% safe; however, surgical sperm retrieval involves a little risk of infection, pain, or discomfort.

Sperm freezing has been used since 1953 and helps in conceiving with assistive reproductive methods such as IUI and IVF. It is a safe and standardized process, improving with technological advancements.

However, there are chances that sperm morphology, motility, and viability may change after the thawing process; still, the experts manage to retrieve sufficient healthy sperm and progress the fertility treatment.

Why choose OMA to preserve your sperms?

The sperm donation and sperm freezing process have already provided hope and babies to many. Compared to the happiness sperm freezing can give a couple, the cost of sperm freezing in mumbai is very affordable. So if you are planning to have a baby via frozen sperms, contact our center for knowing the details and cost of the procedure.

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