Your first visit

Your first visit is an important step towards parenthood. We are continuously enhancing our technology and processes to ensure the best treatment, advice, and consultation for our new patients so that you can start your journey comfortably and confidently. 

The exact details of the visit may differ for different diagnostics and problems, but we usually start with the same fundamental process like introducing your care team, understanding goals, recommendations, etc.

Step 1: The doctor will review and discuss your medical history, treatments, medications, and expectations. The history of both partners matters when it comes to fertility, and your treatment procedure will depend on this step. Make sure you mention everything and ensure complete transparency.

Step 2: Not every time the goal to visit a fertility clinic is conceiving at the end. It can be just diagnosing factors or fertility preservation services. It is important to have a set goal for the treatment and share that with your healthcare team to plan accordingly.

Step 3: The doctor will suggest some tests to figure out the problem. Tests like HIV, VDRIL, HBsAg, and HCV will be suggested for both partners, whereas tests like hormone and ovarian reserve test of females and semen analysis for men. 

Step 4: Our team will review the result and plan your treatment accordingly. All the aspects will be discussed with you, and it will be your final decision to choose the type of treatment desired. 

Patient checklist

Being prepared is a battle half won in your first visit. It helps in better interaction and ensures a better output from the conversation. To paint a better picture, this checklist can help you to ensure everything is taken care of:

  • Reports of previous fertility investigations.
  • Relevant details of family history.
  • Copies of medical records
  • List of questions to ask your doctor.