frozen embryo transfer

The path to every embryo transfer is unique, but they all involve appointments, planning, injections, and usually some ups and downs on the fertility roller coaster. The embryo transfer is the final step of a long journey toward a happy family. Preparing for this day can reduce your worries and maximize the chances of a successful transfer. Here are some of our frozen embryo transfer tips you can follow for a better procedure and a healthy future: 

Preparing for Your Frozen Embryo Transfer

The best way is to follow all directions from your doctor and learn more about what to expect:

  1. Follow directions by the doctor for your medications. Whether you are doing a fresh or a frozen embryo transfer, make sure you have enough medications and follow directions from your clinic on how to take them. 
  2. Plan for getting to the clinic on time; think of the weather, traffic, and other issues that may cause delays. If you have a long-distance to the clinic, consider booking a hotel room near the clinic the night before the process to avoid being late.
  3. Think about logistics for the day of the procedure, like, the time you should arrive, who you can bring to the appointment, and how long you should expect to be at the clinic.
  4. Read directions from the clinic again; it’s easy to get overwhelmed and make mistakes or ignore something, so be careful and ask your partner or a friend to read them.
  5. Prepare for a relaxing evening. Have your favorite meal ready, get a new book to enjoy, have a few movies picked out that you’ve wanted to see, and plan for general pampering.

The Day of the Embryo Transfer

  1. Continue your medications like estrogen and progesterone as instructed.
  2. Come with a full bladder and follow instructions by the doctor for drinking water beforehand. A full bladder is known to change the angle of the uterus, which makes the transfer easier and helps the doctor see the catheter clearly with trans-abdominal ultrasound to perfect the placement of the embryo.
  3. You may be prescribed Valium. Taking it makes a full bladder comfortable. Theoretically, it relaxes the uterus, but it has little connection to increasing the procedure’s success rate.
  4. Meet the embryologist, who will discuss the procedure and answer any of your questions. Many clinics give photos of the embryo taken on the transfer day.

During the Two-Week Wait

It can be tiring of waiting after embryo transfer for the pregnancy test, but during this time:

  1. Continue your medications as instructed by the embryologist.
  2. Plan for relaxing or distracting yourself as nobody knows what works best for you better than you.
  3.  It’s good to plan for the planned outcome. Having all the plans catered for pregnancy is the goal. That means continuing the supportive medications and regular following up with the clinic.

We wish you all the best if you’re planning for an embryo transfer. It takes a lot of planning and hard work to get to that point. The anticipation and waiting for the outcome are often tough, but remind yourself that you’re doing everything you can, and you’ll be okay no matter what the outcome. Just take it one day at a time. IF you are in Mumbai and looking for frozen embryo transfer or any kind of infertility treatment, feel free to contact us or walk into our clinic.

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