Preparing your body


Preparing your body

Before starting your first IVF cycle, you will be asked to attend a meeting at OMA IVF. You will sit in a room full of about 20 other couples, and the clinical lead from the fertility Center will present PowerPoint slides on what your cycle would entail. Then, you will have a couple of direct IVF appointments after a minor procedure. This article contains tips and advice to ensure your body’s readiness and quality procedure.

Eat fertility-enhancing foods

First, clean up your diet and incorporate foods that would help reduce infertility. Being overweight or underweight can seriously affect your chances of successful IVF, so maintaining an adequate BMI is important. Fertility clinics have generally set guidelines; a BMI between 20 and 30 is recommended.

Stop smoking & drinking alcohol.

The second tip for preparing your body for IVF is to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and reducing your caffeine intake. It has been proven that nicotine can age ovaries and make eggs resistant to conceive. It can also damage a developing fetus if you’re successful with IVF. Also, consuming alcohol before an IVF cycle increases the chance of you not being successful by up to 50%. So I say drink completely away from consuming alcohol during IVF cycles.

Invest in high-quality vitamins

The quality of eggs is the most important factor of an IVF cycle. They can make the difference between having a successful or unsuccessful treatment round. There are many prenatal supplements available in markets or pharmacies. However, it’s worth taking a high-quality multivitamin recommended by your fertility doctor.

Seeking benefit from complementary fertility therapies.

The next tip is to consider alternative therapies such as reflexology or acupressure to increase conception chances. Many complementary therapies target fertility – in an ideal world, this could help you avoid IVF. 

Commit to relaxation techniques

Our last piece of advice is a must-do before, during, and after an IVF cycle, and that is to reduce stress. Rest is the best stress reliever. A woman must get 8-9 hours of sleep and an adequate rest period to be more receptive to conceive. Next, Resort to meditation for soothing your inner spirit, though initially, it helps aligning your mind and pacifying “mood swings”-very common in pregnancy. Finally, we suggest the lady have some” me-time “to pursue her leisure activity, for example, reading, writing, knitting, or pampering herself. Gestation is the best time to listen to your inner soul and do what you want.

These pointers are the elixir of our “mommy-to-be” tips, and we hope they will help you prepare better for your fertility procedures. OMA IVF made dreams come true, and we wish you have the same experience.

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