Advanced Semen Analysis

What Is Advanced Semen Analysis?

Typically, infertility chances in men and women are present in a roughly 1:1 ratio. Experts do suggest a standard semen analysis test for male partners for testing sperm’s morphology, motility, and sperm count. However, in cases of recurring miscarriages or conception hurdles, experts recommend an advanced semen analysis test in Mumbai to look for DNA anomalies in sperms.

What is Advanced Semen Analysis?

When a standard semen analysis cannot indicate much about the male infertility factors, experts suggest advanced semen analysis. The advanced semen analysis aims to identify genetic disabilities in sperm that may contribute to sperm’s inability to fertilize eggs. Some genes in sperms help sperms to fertilize eggs, so sperm DNA fragmentation can affect its ability to fertilize eggs or even cause miscarriages.

Are any risks involved in the procedure?

No, there are no such risks involved in the procedure, and the tests are performed by medical experts who keep your safety and comfort at the forefront while collecting the sample.

What does advanced semen Analysis involve?

When the first semen analysis is abnormal, advanced semen is performed to identify the DNA anomalies. The following advanced tests are done in advanced semen analysis.

  • Sperm chromatin (structural assay). This test will measure the extent of DNA fragmentation of the sperm head, causing the inability to fertilize an egg. In this test, around 5,000 – 10,000 sperms are passed through a flow cytometer to test how what percentage of DNA strands are broken DNA, or abnormal proteins are present, causing fertilization issues.


  • Halosperm test. This is another test to figure the percentage of sperm DNA fragmentation.In this test, sperm DNA is stained in color and added to a special acid that allows normal DNA to permeate through a membrane and distinguish sperm head. However, the “Broken” DNA will not be able to disperse, revealing sperm has fragmented DNA.

Advantage of Advanced Semen Analysis in Mumbai

The benefit of Advanced Semen Analysis is its high accuracy in determining infertility factors in men. Analyzing precise factors helps doctors decide the next steps to be taken for effective fertility treatment.

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