Egg Donation In Mumbai

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What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process in which a fertile woman donates her eggs/ ovum or oocyte to an infertile woman to help her conceive through IVF as part of assistive reproductive technology called ART.

A specialist retrieves the egg from a fertile woman, segregates healthy and viable eggs, and fertilizes it in a lab. Then, the embryo produced in an incubator is matured to a level, passed through certain tests to get a viable embryo, and finally, implanted in the recipient’s womb.

Also, the donated egg can be cryopreserved and stored for future use, either by the same couple or an infertile couple.

Who Can Be A Candidate For Egg Donation In Mumbai

Several factors may affect a woman’s ability to donate eggs. Women considered eligible for egg donation are:

  • A healthy woman without any congenital or hereditary diseases may donate eggs.
  • Typically, a woman aged between 20-35 years is ideal for egg donation.
  • A woman testing negative for HIV and Hepatitis C with low infection risk is ideal for our process of egg donation in Mumbai.

When Is Egg Donor In IVF Needed?

An egg donor is required when:

  • A couple suffers low fertility and has low chances of IVF success
  • A woman suffering hereditary disorder
  • Gay men, wanting their biological child
  • A single male with a gestational carrier called a surrogate mother
  • Low ovarian reserve causing multiple IVF failures
  • A woman born with congenital anomaly
  • Women whose fertility is affected due to prior cancer treatment

Procedure For Egg Donation In Mumbai

The egg donation is part of the IVF process, can be a costly affair. Therefore, the couple shall proceed only when they are mentally and financially ready to borne the expenses related to the procedure ( including a major contribution to the egg donor.)

Firstly, a meeting is held with the IVF expert, who confirms infertility and recommends the IVF process through a donor. 

The clinic may take time to find a suitable egg donor in Mumbai or elsewhere. Then, when the donor is available for the egg donation cycle, the recipient couple and donor is contacted for further process.

The cycle of the donor begins right after the menstrual cycle completes. The donor is administered fertility drugs to produce more eggs for retrieval. Meanwhile, The receptor’s uterus is also prepared for implantation. The doctor injects estrogen into the receptor’s uterus to prepare its lining.

The donor is closely monitored with ultrasound to invigilate eggs production. Then, when the eggs mature, a  final Hcg injection shot is given, to loosen the ovarian wall for egg release while picking. Meanwhile, the receptor’s uterus is constantly invigilated to develop and strengthen the uterus for conception and child-bearing. 

Finally, when donors’ eggs mature, the donor is prepared for the egg retrieval process. As per the procedure, the IVF specialist inserts a thin suction needle, guided with an endoscope to locate eggs and retrieve them without damaging eggs or the uterus. Once the eggs are retrieved, the donor’s role completes in-process, and the specialist releases the donor with medication for uterus recovery.

Parallelly, the semen sample is collected from the male counterpart on the same day, and the recipient woman receives a progesterone shot to thicken the uterus lining. Further, the IVF process proceeds with fertilization and embryo production. When a viable embryo is ready, after the brief screening, it is implanted in the receptors’ uterus, and the woman is asked to take a pregnancy test after 15 days. 

Legal Right Of Egg Donor

Both parties are recommended to consult legal authorities before entering into the contract. The contract may include a description of the donor’s fertility and negative test reports of Hepatitis C and HIV, and a few other infections. However, the parent party must pay the fee charged for egg donation to the egg donor and bear the egg retraction cost.

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