Your Journey Post Conception

Your Journey Post Conception

When the treatment is complete, and the couple is confirmed pregnancy,  it is a purely joyful moment for them, and it is natural for “new” parents to anticipate life changes with the baby. Although parents are happy to get pregnant with fertility treatments, they are also concerned about healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and post-pregnancy health concerns of both child and mother. Therefore, our experts recommend adopting customized diets and lifestyle changes for a healthy pregnancy. Parent-to-be must be very cautious post-conception and must adhere to the following instructions for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Booking an Appointment with an Obstetrician

An experienced obstetrician is an important healthcare provider. In addition, an experienced doctor in high-risk pregnancy care is recommended for in and out consultation if you expect more than one baby, like twins or triplets.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Expectant mothers are recommended multivitamin supplements to bridge the nutritional gap before and during pregnancy because proper nourishment is very important for the fetus’ proper development. A healthy diet protects the baby from congenital health problems like spina bifida and helps in the full-fledged development of the fetus.

Quit Smoking

Your fertility doctor will ask you to quit smoking six months before seeking treatment. Smoking must be quit before conception, during pregnancy, and even after delivery. Smoking is harmful and linked with an elevated risk of complications in pregnancy like premature labor, low birth weight, and preeclampsia.

Limit Caffeine Intake

Excessive caffeine consumption is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage. Therefore, the doctor recommends swapping caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea with healthier drinks like green tea and fruit juices during pregnancy.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Pregnancy is a crucial stage in which what you eat and delete from your diet is very important because a mother’s nutrition directly affects a child’s development. The doctor advises leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meats, fish, whole grains during pregnancy. On the contrary, processed sugar, red meats, trans-fats, and unpasteurized dairy products must be avoided during pregnancy. Partially cooked meat and grains should also be avoided.

Avoid Alcohol and Consumption of Illicit Drugs

Drinking alcohol and drugs during pregnancy increase the risk of congenital disabilities, miscarriages, and other complications for the baby. Therefore, it is advised to quit addictions before seeking fertility treatments.


Weight gain is natural in pregnancy, but excess weight gain increases pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and preterm labor. Therefore, doctors recommend having mild to moderate pregnancy-safe exercise regularly to  manage weight gain, regulate mood, and have a healthier pregnancy.

Learn the Danger Signs

Some pregnancy complications can be diagnosed and treated effectively if you have a timely diagnosis. In addition, learning danger signs of possible complications can help you seek professional help in time, especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

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