Frozen Embryo Transfer

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What is Frozen Embryo Transfer FET?

Frozen Embryo Transfer FET is an ART technique of using embryos produced from the previous IVF cycle. As per the IVF process, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized in the lab. But in FET, instead of implanting the embryo immediately after the IVF cycle, the embryos are tested, biopsied, and cryopreserved, which is thawed and implanted in subsequent IVF cycles.

How FET Solves Desynchronization Problem in IVF?

Ideally, the timely ovulation cycle is detrimental to conception. This is because the estrogen levels are at the peak before the ovulation cycle, which in response triggers ovaries to release progesterone hormone that simultaneously prepares endometrium, i.e., uterus lining for conceiving and nurturing embryo. However, those with disturbed menstrual cycle go through untimely ovulation, which leads to hormonal desynchronization leading to the underprepared or over-prepared uterus lining for conception, decreasing conception and pregnancy chances.

As per the FET process,  instead of immediately implanting the produced embryo, the FET embryos are implanted in the next IVF cycle, giving the woman’s body enough time to recover from IVF process stress. Meanwhile, endometrium development, internal uterus contours, and maturity for conception are vigilantly monitored through frequent pelvic ultrasounds, which automatically increase pregnancy chances upon embryo implantation.

Success Rates Of Conception By FET?

Compared to older techniques, the IVF and vitrification process has evolved significantly, increasing pregnancy chances. As explained above, the embryos produced in one cycle are tested, cryopreserved, and implanted in the uterus in the next cycle, giving the woman’s body enough time for recovery and synchronization to the body’s hormonal balance increasing conception chances.

The success rates of frozen embryo transfer In Mumbai range from 50 -60%, and the babies born through this process and healthy, just like babies born through the natural process.

IVF Frozen Embryo Transfer Timeline

The process starts as follows:

Primary screening

Initially, the doctor would ask a few questions to discuss medical, surgical, and fertility issues. The doctor will also demand a pelvic ultrasound and blood tests to gauge uterus conditions and check for infectious disease, ovarian strength, and other factors affecting the FET or IVF process.

Medications or injections

It is an elective process, and doctors prescribe medication or injection if the ovaries do not produce matured eggs naturally. First, the doctor will prescribe ovary stimulating medications or injections from the second or third day of a natural menstrual cycle. Then, after ten to twelve days, the uterus condition will be monitored, and when the egg matures, the eggs will be retrieved. Typically, ovary stimulating medications produce multiple eggs that increase chances of viable embryo formation. The eggs are fertilized and nurtured into a viable embryo for 6-7 days in labs, and once matured, the embryo is screened and then cryopreserved or frozen until implantation.

FET Preparation or Natural FET

Two weeks after egg retrieval, the normal menstrual cycle starts. On the second or third day of the cycle, the doctor takes an ultrasound and starts estrogen medications to prepare endometrial lining. In natural FET, the external estrogen shots are not given as progesterone is naturally released, preparing endometrium in response. The peak estrogen triggers progesterone hormone that prepares and thickens the uterus’ wall, preparing it for embryo implantation.

The doctor monitors the uterus endometrial maturity through regular ultrasounds. Once it reaches its maturity, the embryo is thawed and implanted in the womb.

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