Hysteroscopy before IVF

IVF treatment has been a boon for many couples in recent years. It is the path to achieving the dream of having a family that you can nurture! However, we advise a hysteroscopy before IVF treatment.

A hysteroscopy is a procedure useful in examining the uterus. Hysteroscopy helps IVF specialists to determine whether the uterus is ready and healthy for carrying the baby. In addition, it helps in examining the area that can’t be examined using ultrasound. Hence, it is essential to have a hysteroscopy before the IVF.

How is Hysteroscopy carried out?

The specialists at the IVF center carry out this procedure using a hysteroscope, a narrow telescope with a camera, and light. Images recorded will be reflected on the screen. This helps the doctor look for fibroids, scar tissue, polyps, etc.

Benefits of a Hysteroscopy procedure

The following benefits make the hysteroscopy before Ivf a must-have procedure. 

  • Hysteroscopy improves the fertility rate
  • Hysteroscopy helps in removing polyps and scar tissue before beginning the treatment

Indications for hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy procedure is suggested to the patients with the following factors –

  • Number of miscarriages
  • Difficulty getting pregnant
  • Uterus problems
  • Medical history

Our IVF specialist in Mumbai recommends a hysteroscopy before IVF if you’ve had recurrent miscarriages or implantation issues as it helps in evaluation of uterine cavity. Most IVF failures are caused by genetic and uterus problems. So, with the help of hysteroscopy, doctors can identify and treat the problems in the uterus to avoid IVF failure the next time. Hysteroscopy is also advisable for those patients who are experiencing abnormal bleeding. It is also recommendable for women undergoing IVF treatment for the first time. If you’ve faced a miscarriage, then hysteroscopy becomes necessary.

Side effects of Hysteroscopy Procedure

The side effects of a hysteroscopy procedure are very rare but can be experienced. Some of the side effects seen in the procedure include cramping, bloating, infections, or bleeding. But these side effects can be avoided by getting a hysteroscopy procedure from the best IVF center in Mumbai.

Cost of Hysteroscopy procedure

Do not worry about the cost! You can receive cost-effective hysteroscopy with us. And after all, the cost appears smaller than the benefits of a hysteroscopy procedure. Moreover, the hysteroscopy procedure improves one’s fertility rate and increases the chances of a successful IVF, making one’s dream of giving birth to a child a reality! It takes one step closer to their dream and their biggest happiness- their child!

Many couples wonder if it is necessary to do a hysteroscopy before starting the IVF treatment. Well, the answer to your question is yes! We advise doing a hysteroscopy before IVF treatment. If you are looking to get a hysteroscopy before your IVF procedure in Mumbai, you can contact us and book an appointment with our top IVF expert. 

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