Single Embryo Transfer

Gone are the days when couples could not conceive due to certain problems and remained infertile for a long duration. Thanks to IVF technology that has proven revolutionary for such couples. However, In-vitro Fertilization was always required to transfer multiple embryos to the uterus. And it resulted in multiple pregnancies. As a result, couples started avoiding the process of IVF in fear of carrying twins or triplets.

Nevertheless, medical science has undergone further advancement. For example, with the ‘Single Embryo Transfer’ (SET) process, the IVF world has witnessed massive progression.

SET allows to transfer of a single embryo to the uterus and successfully achieve pregnancy. Then, the other healthy embryos can be frozen in the laboratory for future usage. It has been observed that couples with a better prognosis can benefit from this method.

Due to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), SET method definitely has the edge over other processes.

Selecting the right kind of embryo

SET could cause a steep fall in the chances of pregnancy rates if the embryo’s quality isn’t up to mark. Therefore, the selection of good-quality embryos is vital in the Single Embryo Transfer process. Whenever possible, it is recommended that embryos be cultured until day 5. Couples who haven’t been able to conceive previously through IVF or are above the age of 35 may have lesser chances to get pregnant through the SET method. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to freeze their embryos for future probabilities.

Why should you choose the Single Embryo Transfer method?

  • Decreases the likelihood of multiple conceptions
  • Lessens premature delivery complications
  • Lesser chances of miscarriage
  • Cushions the mother from complications of nausea, vomiting, or high blood pressure
  • Reduces the child’s chances of being born with disabilities like cerebral palsy or vision loss.

As you may understand, SET is a very detailed process of conception – Right from monitoring and identifying the apt kind of embryo to transferring it to the uterus; every stage maximizes the possibility of singleton pregnancy rather than multiple conceptions.

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